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Fisher Nut Company grower representative with grower partner in almond orchard


Our commitment to Good Agricultural Practices and strategic investments in orchard maintenance, vitality, and sustainability ensure that our California almonds meet present and future market demands.

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Almonds being harvested in Central California

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Fisher Nut Company grower representative in the field

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Fisher Nut Company partners with a select group of top-tier growers renowned for their expertise and commitment to producing the finest quality nuts.

Dormant almond orchard

Almond dormancy is an essential process for almond farmers, as it helps to regulate the almond growing cycle.

Almond Bloom

Almond bloom is a beautiful sight to behold in California's Central Valley. Every year, almond trees burst into bloom with clouds of white and pink petals, creating a stunning and fragrant landscape. 

Developing almond

The development of almonds is an important process for any orchard. The nut takes approximately 5-6 months to fully mature and develop. 

Nut Development
Maturing almond

During the maturing process, the almond grows inside a green, fleshy outer hull. As time passes, the hull turns brown and eventually splits open, revealing a hard, brown shell with a creamy white nut inside. 

Maturing Nut
Almond harvest in Central California

Almond harvesting season typically begins in August and runs through October. Almonds are manually or mechanically harvested using specialized shakers which gently remove the nuts from the trees. 

Almond sorting machine

Processing is an essential part of producing high quality almonds. Once harvested, almonds are collected from the orchards. They are then cleaned, hulled, and sorted according to size. The nuts are then blanched and dried to reduce moisture content.

Fisher Nut Company warehouse inventory

Storage is a key factor in preserving quality almonds. Almonds should be stored in a dry, cool environment, such as a storage room that is temperature and humidity controlled. 

Almonds in different forms

Almonds come in a variety of forms, each with its own unique flavor and texture. Whole almonds are the most common form, but you can also find sliced, slivered, flaked, blanched, and even almond butter. 



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Fisher Nut Company grower representative working with local grower


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Maturing nut on tree in Central California


Continuing to be stewards of the land and achieving sustainability for futures to come.


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