Since 1980, Fisher Nut Company has been growing, packing and shipping California almonds to a global market.

Sales and Marketing

World demand for almonds is climbing consistently and the amount of land California has dedicated to almond growing continues to expand. 70% of almond shipments from California are destined for foreign ports and almonds remain America’s primary horticultural food export. Further, today's almond sales are strengthened by the opening of Eastern Europe in the 1990's, the growth of a middle-class in Asia, and the favorable media spotlight on almonds in regards to dietary health. 
Fisher Nut Company proudly services customers in all regions, nations and territories around the globe. This extensive and ongoing international experience gives our company a unique ability to assist in developing sound inventory, production fulfillment, and marketing insight for all our customers, benefitting buyers and suppliers.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jared Smith