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Product Information

Fisher Nut Company focuses on product value and customer satisfaction. We carefully match buyer requirements with optimum inventory selection, and pay rigid attention to customer specifications and on-time shipments. We pack orders correctly the first time, and that reliability is one of the reasons discerning roasters, confectioners, bakeries, re-baggers and wholesalers around the world choose Fisher Nut Company to deliver the best California Almonds.

We at Fisher Nut Company are interested in sustainable practices to keep our planet healthy for our future generations.  We offer our customers Herbicide Free Almonds that are grown without the use of herbicides of any type. This wholesome, nutritious product is available for your purchase and we welcome your truckload inquiries.

Packaging Information

Shelled Inshell
50-lb Cartons
1-Ton Fiber Bins
1-Ton Poly Sacks
50-lb Poly Bags